VP Of Business Development & Creative

“Always love each other.” These are the four words Sarah’s mother told her and her brothers every morning before they left the house for school as chlidren. They are also the four words that have sparked her desire to have a positive impact and bring the world closer together.

Growing up in a small town outside Detroit, Sarah’s parents taught her to dream big and to help others to do the same. When she was in high school, she created an online talk show centered on interviews with positive role models to share their stories of triumphs and failures in hopes of encouraging listeners to follow their own dreams and to pursue their own passions.

This interest in communication led her to the University of Southern California, where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Cinema Production before moving to New York to work at SMAC Entertainment, a talent management and production company.

Prior to joining Wayfarer, Sarah also worked in Global Marketing Solutions at a “small” tech start-up called Facebook.

She believes the key to success is kindness, hard work, and dry shampoo.