Wayfarer Entertainment is an award-winning media studio focused on social good storytelling content for linear, digital, theatrical and branded distribution channels.

At Wayfarer, our work is our service to humanity, and we endeavor to inspire people from all walks of life to change the world around them. In addition to developing projects from ideation through release, we also finance and acquire cause-driven content from a range of creators, providing them with the support and resources they need to share their stories and engage audiences around the world.

Wayfarer is behind such groundbreaking and critically acclaimed projects like the Clio and Webby award-winning documentary series, My Last Days, currently in season five on the CW Network with over 70 million views online. The Adweek Arc Award and Telly award-winning dinner conversation series, Man Enough. As well as Five Feet Apart, a feature film released in partnership with CBS Films, Lionsgate and Welle Entertainment, from the New York Times bestseller.